A couple of weeks ago the nation went into uproar about a fat mustache with a badge, spraying a bunch of college students with Pepper Spray like he was tending to his Begonias with a watering can. Many were angry, understably so, but still others seemed convinced that Pepper Spray, even though it is a substance that is illegal to carry and weaponized by police forces, is somehow not that big a deal. As it turns out, anyone that suggests that Pepper Spray isn’t a serious weapon is pushing a biased agenda or a pretty big moron.

Either way, we just stumbled upon this infographic from that gives all the facts about your police force’s favorite toy, among them just how many thousands of Jalapenos the spray is equivalent to and how many people die every year from what is now considered standard procedure. Moral of the story: don’t fuck with cops on the streets, because they could kill you and nobody will fault them for it.

pepper spray
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