Peppers to Spice Up Bears D

By: Kevin Plaza

In 2009, the big news for the Chicago Bears was Jay Cutler….yea that didn’t turn out that well in his first year, but hey ya never know right? This year it’s Julius Pepper, the sack master from the Carolina Panthers. In one word this guy is a BEAST, well when he wants to be. Many people in Carolina said that Peppers played when he wanted to play, he took downs and even full games off. But when he wanted to play he was part man, part monster. Well Julius is a full time Bear now.

Peppers, who recently turned 30 years old, has amassed 81 sacks, 309 tackles, 30 forced fumbles and 6 interceptions since being drafted out of North Carolina in 2002. Those numbers are on a different level then many other defensive ends. He is 6’7” and over 280 pounds, which is scary enough coming at you full tilt – but here is the thing, the speed he is going at is about as fast as a wide receiver.  Just imagine Larry Fitzgerald coming at you, ready to take your head off but he is 4 inches taller and 70 pounds of pure muscle heavier.

In my personal opinion, I do not think that Chicago can go through another bust of a season like they did last year. I also believe that Peppers is a special player and one of the top 5 defensive players in the NFL, when he wants to be. It is all up to Peppers now, he got the contract he wanted, he gets to play for 2 defensive geniuses in Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli, now he has to bring his best each and every game. If he does that, then watch out for this Bears team come playoff time, if he doesn’t, then Chicago can only wait till their next big move in 2011 and see if that helps them.

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