Pink Cashmere Rocks The Dunnkirk, Tomorrow Night!

Yes, one of our favorite musical acts is coming to Kilroy’s Dunnkirk in Bloomington. Hybrid Rock/DJ duo Pink Cashmere is gonna blow the roof off the venue tomorrow night – all you Hoosiers better make some serious moves. Tickets only cost $5, so you have no excuse not to go.


A little bit of background in case you haven’t heard of Pink Cashmere: the group, originally from New York City, consists of DJ Tanner and guitarist Andrew Watt, and together they rock out with some of the best electro-house/pop-rock of this or any generation. This is unlike any DJ set you’ve ever seen before – the improvisation of a rock guitarist over the party-inducing dance beats of a skilled DJ produce an atmosphere distinct from any other.

They go on at our favorite venue, The Dunnkirk, tomorrow at 11 PM, so you best be there. Check out and RSVP at the event page on Facebook. As an added plus, there’s bottle and table service for $100. It’s the freaking weekend – let’s rage.

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