Nearly as infrequent as Halley’s comet’s visibility to the naked eye, Playboy has published it’s list of America’s Top 10 Party Schools for just the fifth time in the esteemed magazine’s 57-year history.  The current May 2010 issue of man’s favorite reading material features the campus rankings that were the result of input by Playboy’s editors, campus representatives, models, photographers, online voters, and student readers like you.  Read on to see if your school made the cut and even if you didn’t, there are plenty of other awards to go around to recognize the finest elements of college life in this great nation.


The scene in what students call Iowa Fuckin’ City is epic. And last year the football team gave the Hawkeyes a reason to celebrate. As their song goes, “In heaven there is no beer; that’s why we drink it here.”*

(*here = Iowa Fuckin’ City)


It’s been more than 20 years since PSU made the list, but this New Hampshire institution of higher learning is back. Four things students dig are skiing, skiing, studying and smoking pot on the lake. Welcome back to the party.


The Harvard of Santa Barbara—its faculty includes five Nobel Prize winners—is the perfect mix of sun goddesses, sand and studying. Chico State may get a touch higher, but UCSB grads go on to do great things after their six years in college.


It’s not the size of a school, it’s the commotion its students cause when they collectively rage. Rollins, in Winter Park, Florida, is the hardest-partying small school (1,785 undergrads) in the country. Yes, it feels like a high school but one that convenes in the clubs every weekend.


Playboy called ASU onto the carpet for its academics last year, but the Sun Devils passed their three-day-weekend test: When they visited they seriously partied from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, then drank a pot of coffee and made it to class on time.

Kylie Baze, ASU


ECU, your reputation does not precede you. But you boasted about your prowess (“You can’t spell parties without Pirates!”), so Playboy had to come check out the scene. Well, we have news for the rest of the country: Greenville, North Carolina is a happening city. And the administration even provides drunk-bus shuttles from downtown to campus.


Last year’s winner slipped a few spots in the standings, and it’s Playboy’s fault. Miami still has fine women and weather, not to mention an impressive 11-to-one student-to-professor ratio. But being named Playboy’s number one party school became a bit of an albatross, and the man soon ramped up mellow-harshing. Don’t get them wrong, though; they’d rather raise hell here than in Philadelphia.


It’s the best beer-drinking school in the country. Quote Playboy. And with Badger sports improving (but still frustrating), the faithful show they can drown their woes in drink without rioting (take notice, WVU). U-Dub is a strong research institution that, come Thursday night, spills its students onto State and Mifflin streets, which Playboy calls Lager Nirvana.


There’s not much to do in Morgantown except party, study and ignite furniture. Seriously. Scott, a freshman, tells Playboy, “The tailgating at our women’s soccer games beats tailgating at most other schools.” Another frosh, Jakes, claims, “We drink two percent of all the world’s beer.” We believe you, guys, but please put down the lighters and step away from the Barcalounger.

Nicole Dawn, West Virginia


The Longhorns football team fell just short in the national championship game, but here’s a victory the entire school can claim a part of. Playboy is talking to you, bikinied coed in Devil’s Cove, and you, star wide receiver Jordan Shipley, and even the humanities library, which just purchased David Foster Wallace’s papers. When you add up academics, the weather, the liberal atmosphere, South by Southwest, game day and the nightlife on Sixth Street, UT Austin is one heck of a school. Hook ’em, Horns!


Hottest Girls: Arizona State University
Best Halloween Party: Ohio University
Best Living Mascot: Uga, the University of Georgia bulldog
Best Unofficial Mascot:
Scrotie, of the RISD hockey team the Nads
Best Fish-In-A-Barrel College: Sarah Lawrence, where 73 percent of the student body is female
Best Harmless Prank:
Antiquing—dusting your friend’s face with flour
Best College Sports Bar: The Houndstooth in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hottest Cheerleaders: The USC WSong Girls—sweater puppies, anyone?
Best Student Section, Basketball:
MSU’s Izzone, named after Coach Izzo
Best College Radio Station: WSOU, Seton Hall
Best College Drinking Innovation: The Flabongo, a beer bong made out of a lawn flamingo
Hottest Major: Nursing [check out UNC-Chapel Hill]
Best Catholic Party School: Marquette
Best College Sandwich: Fat Philly from the Rutgers grease trucks: two chicken fingers, cheesesteak, gyro meat, two mozzarella sticks, white and red sauces, lettuce and tomato
Best Ivy League Party School: N/A
Best Course: Honors College 299:
Far Side Entomology, at Oregon State University
Worst Course:
Tree Climbing, Cornell
Hottest New College Sport: Sand volleyball (begins next academic year)
College That Sounds Fun But Isn’t: UNLV
Best Surf School:
University of Hawaii
Best Name For Beer Pong: Beer Pong
Best College-Supported Art Project: Brandeis’s Liquid Latex Body Art Show.
Think painted girls mixed with fetish
Hottest College Girlfriend: Baylor’s Rachel Glandorf, who dated [and is now engaged to] Texas QB Colt McCoy
Worst Party School: Tie between BYU and Oral Roberts

In celebration of Playboy’s party school rankings, the magazine will throw two legendary parties sponsored by Playboy Fragrances for Men. The first party will be held on Thursday, April 22 in Austin to honor the University of Texas as America’s top party school. A second bonus party will be held on Saturday, April 24 in Tempe to award ASU students for their longtime commitment to partying and for making Playboy’s Top Party School List 5 times (1987, 2002, 2006, 2009, and 2010). In addition, Playboy’s editorial team voted ASU’s co-eds the hottest of 2010. Both bashes will take place at a bar near campus and will include Playmates, Playboy models, giveaways, magazines, and a special award honoring each school’s partying prowess.

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