We just thought you might like to know which girls from your school are getting naked for money. I’ll follow up that remark with this one: I’m sure they’re just doing it to help pay their way through school. Unfortunately, all of the full pics are definitely NSFW, so you’re just gonna have to pick up the issue on newsstands now.


Or you can get a sneak peek by visiting the Playboy webpage. See what I did there? That little hint was for anyone who bothered to click through and read the rest of this before they ran out to the book store, or wherever you get magazines these days. As a bonus, here’s a preemptive guide to where you can find each of the 26 girls, both in the pictorial and on campus:


University of Alabama

Johnna Dominguez (p. 100)

Alex Sanders (p. 101)

Jackie Pines (p. 101)


University of Arkansas

Jordan Reese (p. 98)

Tatum West (p. 102)

Ashleigh Drew (p. 102)


Auburn University

Haley Ann (p. 96)

Kylee Noel (p. 97)

Brandy Evans (p. 97)

Kaitlyn Ryan (p. 97)

Liliana Cook (p. 98)


University of Florida

Jessica Bentley (p. 102)

Gabrielle Rushing (p. 102)


University of Georgia

Nina Valerie (p. 100)

Lisa Marie (p. 102)


University of Kentucky

Kimberly Vires (p. 101)


Louisiana State University

Sophia Beretta (p. 98)


University of Mississippi

Brooks Lee (p. 99)

Maggie Taylor (p. 101)

Kassidi Olaes (p. 102)


Mississippi State University

Goldy Cass (p. 102)


University of South Carolina

Faith Melissa Lanford (p. 97)

Tessa Fowler (p. 103)


University of Tennessee

Liza Benson (p. 98)

Tori Tate (p. 100)


Vanderbilt University

Rachel Timmons (p. 99)

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