Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2011 Released: How do The Campus Socialite’s Top 5 (So Far) Stack Up?

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I know all you Campus Socialites out there are up on your party news, but just for journalism’s sake, Playboy Magazine released its annual list of Top Party Schools in the country. Out of the thousands of colleges that exist in this country, these schools are the best of the best, and I’m not talking about small class sizes or Harvard trained professors. If you go to one of these schools, chances are you’re there for the beer and the bitches, and maybe to grab a degree somewhere along the way. Here at Campus Socialite we have a similar list, The Campus Socialite Award’s Best Party School. Ours is a vote-based competition, and you can vote here on The Campus Socialite Awards App. The votes are still coming in, but the real contenders have emerged, and the rankings have started to settle. See Playboy’s Top 5, and how our list stacks up, after the jump.

#1 University of Boulder, Colorado (Playboy) Vs. University of Wisconsin (The Campus Socialite)

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A lot of weed gets smoked in college, but according to Playboy, University of Boulder is pothead central. There are about 50 Medical Marijuana facilities within the city limits, and if you think college kids haven’t finagled their way in, you’ve underestimated Stoner dedication. For The Campus Socialite, University of Wisconsin has begun to cement itself in the top spot, and with good reason. One of the biggest sports schools in the country, Wisconsin always has a reason to celebrate, whether it’s rocking out after a win, or drowning your sorrows in liquor and pussy after a loss. They’re also known for their weekend long parties, Halloween and Mifflin Street Block Party specifically. Both Schools know how to party, and both deserve to be #1.

#2  Penn State University (Playboy) Vs. Arizona State University (TCS)

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The Ivy Leaguers over at UPenn know how to hit books, but the party animals at Penn State, they hit the bottle.  St. Patrick’s Day is going to be crazy no matter where you go, but apparently at Penn State, bars have to prepare one week in advance for the inevitable mayhem that is about to overtake them. Their football following is huge as well, which means tailgates, and lots of them. Apparently, they’re prone to tossing their own urine at the games, but we’ll chalk that up to passion I suppose. #2 On the Campus Socialite’s list is Arizona State University. Arizona is #3 on Playboy’s so we’re not too far off. Either way, there’s a reason they are unanimously top 5. Could have something to do with the fact that they have year round pool parties, and we all know what happens when you mix alcohol and a pool. Could also have something to do with the “Undie Run,” in which hot girls run around campus in their underwear for charity. Who knows? All we (and Playboy) know is that Arizona State is a force to be reckoned with.

#3 Arizona State University (Playboy) Vs. University of Texas (TCS)


See #2 for Arizona State University. As for University of Texas, we rank them just 2 spots higher than Playboy does at #5. Austin, Texas is widely thought to be one of the coolest cities in the country. Hell, I wanna move there – and I live in New York, maybe you’ve heard of it. In Austin, entire streets, lined with bars, close down to traffic, creating a giant football field-long bar party. We’re not talking about block parties, we’re talking every fucking weekend. It also has an awesome music scene, and a percentage of hot girls that makes Norway look like the cheap seats at a Nascar race. Don’t mess with Texas.

#4 University of Western Ontario (Playboy) vs. University of Boulder, Colorado (TCS)

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The lower spots are always where things start to separate. University of Western Ontario didn’t make our list (sorry Canada), but Playboy lists it at #4. Why? Well for starters the drinking age is 19. Most college students enter college at 18, so that’s only one year where you can’t legally drink. Apparently the bar scene is out of this world as well, especially on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day (a lot of beer) and Halloween (a lot of skin). It may be cold, but Ontario knows how to warm up. Playboy’s #1, University of Boulder, ranks in for The Campus Socialite at a not-so-modest #4. See above for details (hint: they smoke a lot of weed).

#5 University of Texas (Playboy) Vs. University of Michigan (TCS)

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The Campus Socialite’s #3 is Playboy’s #5. See #3 for more details on the University of Texas. University of Michigan comes in at #5 for The Campus Socialite, and is a rather surprising absence from Playboy’s Top 5. Michigan has a gigantic presence in the world of College sports, and they go all out when it comes to fandom. This means epic tailgates, and even more epic afterparties. Michigan is also home to Hash Bash, giving Colorado a run for its money. Sports, Alcohol, Weed, what better recipe for a Party School titan.


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