Port-O-Pong: Revolutionizing Competitive Drinking at Campuses Nationwide

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Every employee’s dream is to find a position in the workplace that doesn’t feel like a job.  Sadly, the overwhelming majority of individuals in the workforce fail to realize this fantasy, however this ambitious wish was not lost in the case of Jerry Piscitelli and Sal Laudano.  These two trailblazing pioneers created Port-O-Pong’s inflatable beer pong table, better known as the best thing to happen to the competitive drinking scene since the keg stand.

The Port-O-Pong story was born from Jerry and Sal’s quest to add a new, amusing wrinkle to a college national pastime as decorated as Ramen Noodles and consequence-free sex – of course I am talking about beer pong.  While planning an annual family getaway, Piscitelli and Laudano’s innovative minds stumbled upon the idea of aquatic beer pong (known on the streets simply as “pool pong”) and decided to move forward and set the Port-O-Pong brand into motion.  The two founders worked around the clock, juggling their day jobs with the responsibilities of managing a fast-growing business that was blowing up both pong tables and the imaginations of potential clients across the nation.

Formally created in March 2007, Port-O-Pong is currently the world’s leading supplier of inflatable beer tables and their trademark 6 lb. table is the best selling product of it’s kind in today’s market.  Complete with a quick inflate/deflate valve, reinforcement grommets, security ropes, and 22 precisely shaped, recessed cup holders to accommodate any style of beer pong, the quality-tested Port-O-Pong offers the best in both protection from the elements and quality design among all drinking surfaces.  The versatility of the Port-O-Pong table offers users the freedom to pong in any venue – be it a tailgating party, beach, backyard, or campsite.

As if their contribution to the campus social community wasn’t enough, the good people at Port-O-Pong have been kind enough to work with The Campus Socialite and our parent company, Precious Time of New York, to help combat breast cancer throughout October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Port-O-Pong has provided us with 6 of their featured Pink Port-O-Pongs to showcase at tomorrow night’s Party for a Cure at Bar Social in Uniondale, NY.  The Pink Port-O-Pong is available for $49.99 and for every pink table sold, a  $5 donation to the Keep A Brest Foundation ( will be made in the customer’s name.

To hop aboard the latest trend in college partying and entertainment and get involved with a good cause, check out Port-O-Pong’s official website at

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