Pro Bowl NFL Cheerleader Roster 2011-2012

The NFL season has officially begun with Week 1 in the books. The only thing that lit up the scoreboards more than the teams were their cheerleaders. With that in mind, I have assembled the ultimate cheerleader roster. Here are the best cheerleaders from each team, in alphabetical order, each worthy of a touchdown spike.

Side Note: Bears, Browns, Giants, Lions, Packers, and Steelers, won’t appear on the list because they don’t employ cheerleaders.



Kelsie is a college student in her 2nd year as a San Francisco cheerleader and enjoys anything outdoors including: boating, camping, snowboarding and wakeboarding. She also enjoys painting as a way to express her creative side and forget about the worries of the day. I bet Picasso would have enjoyed painting a picture of her!



Sarah is in her 5th year as a Ben-gal cheerleader and a high school English teacher. She was selected as the 2010 Pro Bowl representative for the team. Her goal is to be an influential educator while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Administration. Talk about multi-tasking, she shapes the minds of the future during the week and her pom-poms on the sidelines on Sunday.



Stefanie is in her 5th year as a Buffalo cheerleader who went to college and studied broadcasting and journalism. Her goal is to be a broadcaster for ESPN or the NFL Network. Like her name, she certainly stands out.



Nikki is in her 2nd year as a Denver cheerleader who went to Cal State-Fullerton & is a school teacher. One of her favorite things to do is just spend the afternoon in a coffee shop.  She loves the smell of coffee and the coziness of the environment. I know I’d certainly buy her a cup of coffee!



Marlana Aref is in her 3rd year as a Tampa Bay cheerleader & attends the University of South Florida. She’s a true Bucs fan. When asked her favorite moment she said, “The Alstott game in 2008! It was an honor to be on the field during his ceremony.” I’m sure Alstott equally enjoyed the day thanks to Marlana.



Kristen is in her 2nd year as an Arizona cheerleader and graduated from Kent State University. She then moved to Phoenix and realized her dream of being a professional dancer for the Cardinals.



Tawnie is of Irish and Hispanic decent, in her rookie season as a San Diego cheerleader, and in her final semester as a double major at San Diego State University in Psychology and Advertising. She certainly strikes the hearts of may guys like the lightning bolts of the Chargers.



Tiffany is a 3rd year cheerleader for Kansas City and currently attends Metropolitan Community College while studying Associates in Arts. Her favorite moments are standing on the field during the national anthem as a squad, looking up into stands and seeing the incredible love and dedication our city has for the team.



Sarah is in her 4th year as an Indianapolis cheerleader and attends Boise State University. Her guilty pleasure is sleeping in, which I bet most guys would willingly accommodate. At least fans can enjoy her & possibly the No. 1 pick with the loss of Peyton Manning.



Sunni Cranfill is in her 2nd season as a Dallas cheerleader and is from Hooks, Texas. Her hobbies include: dancing, singing, camping, running, rock climbing, volunteering, and watching movies. Her boots were certainly made for walkin’.



Amy is in her 4th year as a Miami cheerleader. She lives is Boca Raton Florida, graduated from FAU, and works as a retirement planning assistant. She certainly has taken her talents to South Beach.



Stephanie is in her 3rd year as a Philadelphia cheerleader out of Drexel University. She also works as a Patient Care Coordinator. Her biggest pet peeve is timeliness so guys if you’re lucky enough to get a date with her set your clock five minutes early.



Margaret is Filipino and Caucasian, graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and is also a Talent Director at a talent agency. She do her part to keep the Falcons flying high on the sidelines.



Kelli is in her fifth year as a Jacksonville cheerleader. She’s 22 & studying to become an elementary teacher. I bet she’ll get a lot of apple from her students trying to get on her good side.



Krista is a rookie New York cheerleader from Staten Island, New York. She is continuing her education while working as a preschool teacher. Gentlemen, her perfect date is dinner at an Italian Restaurant, then to a spot with fun music to dance. Start making reservations!



Cynthia is in her 3rd season as a Carolina cheerleader and attends graduate school. She is originally from Charlotte, N.C. She’ll certainly help the Panther roar on the sidelines.



Brianna is a rookie New England cheerleader. She attends Providence College and is double majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Dance. Her goal is to become a dentist. Guys can only dream of her giving them a throat culture.



Ashley is a rookie Oakland cheerleader out of San Diego State University and majored in interior design. Based on her figure, she deserves a Master’s Degree!



Meghan is in her 4th season as a St. Louis cheerleader, graduated from McKendree University with a degree in marketing and speech communication.  She now works for a milling department as a sales specialist.



Amanda is in her 2nd year as a Baltimore cheerleader. She grew up in Bowie, Maryland and went to Virginia Tech where she was a school cheerleader. If only her hometown was New York, sigh.



Amanda is in her 3rd year as a Washington cheerleader out of Virginia Tech. She’s 27 years old and was just named co-captain. Her motto is, “Work hard, play hard.”



Stephanie is 19 year-old saint-sation. She currently attends LSU and is studying Kinesiology-Fitness Studies. She certainly looks fit in her picture.



Alexa is in her 3rd year as a Seattle cheerleader. She also is a student at the University of Washington studying Business Administration/Marketing, French. No word yet if she’s fluent in French kissing.



Nikki is in her rookie year as a Houston cheerleader. She is a student and originally from Katy, Texas. She’s also thrilled to be more involved in the community since joining the team.



Anne is entering her 2nd year as a Tennessee cheerleader. She’s cheering for her hometown team since growing up in Knoxville, TN. She appears to be somewhat materialistic with two pets: a dog named Bentley and a cat named Prada.



Missy is entering her 3rd year as a Minnesota cheerleader. She went to the Univ. of Minnesota & studied elementary education, which is now her profession. How are the minds of the future going to focus in class with her teaching?

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