Procrastinate Studying For Finals With YouTube

Person Watching YouTube

Are you already over finals? Do you want to rip your hair out thinking about writing that 15-page paper that’s due?  Don’t worry, we feel the same way and something we like to do is take as many breaks as possible (AKA procrastinate) and watch some funny videos. Here are a few good YouTube videos to give you a little break.  Trust me, these videos will make you forget your worries and will give you a gateway to even more procrastination.

1. Like a G6 Parody

First up we have the “Like a G6” parody, “Feelin’ Fly (Like it’s Quidditch).  This is a must-see for all the Harry Potter fans out there, but I’m sure almost anyone will find it funny.  If the main theme doesn’t do it for you, then the subtle jokes about Twilight in the video are pretty funny, too.

2. Big Ball Knockouts Montage

The “Big Ball Knockouts Montage” is pretty self explanatory; I mean, what’s better than seeing someone go flying after getting hit with a giant ball? I’m sure most of you would love to take one of these giant balls down to your professor’s office hours and give them a piece of your mind.  These, along with the big balls from the ABC show “Wipeout,” can turn my bad days around and make them funny by watching a few good knockouts.

3. Show Me Your Peacock

“Show Me Your Peacock” is very disturbing; it’s like a train wreck and you just can’t look away.  Chat Roulette viewers were obviously shocked to find this guy dancing his heart out to Katy Perry’s “Peacock,” but like me, they can’t seem to look away either.  People seem to really get into it towards the end of the video, but I’ll let you watch for yourself.

4. Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids

Jackie Chan seems like he would be the most down to earth and nice celebrity you could ever meet, but this video  portrays the complete opposite. Though I know it is taken completely out of context, there is just something that feels right in the world when you see Jackie Chan kicking ass.

5. Chest Bump Fail

Finally, we’ll leave you with a little video that will go as viral as “Scarlett Takes a Tumble.”  From the title, ‘”Chest Bump Fail,” you kind of get a hint at what’s going to happen. However, the best part of the video is the girl in the background saying ditzy comments like, “Didn’t somebody just die?” Nothing says funny like a video of drunken people doing things that even sober people usually fail at.

So now that you’ve had a little break from studying, it’s time to get back to work… No, seriously, stop watching YouTube videos, you have to get back to studying! Oh, whatever, it’s college, who doesn’t procrastinate?

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