Project Scorpio’s Specs Announced

While you’ve had your eyes trained on the Nintendo Switch, which launched earlier this year, you may have missed something even bigger: the Project Scorpio specs. Project Scorpio is the next console project out of Microsoft and shunning the Xbox label with good reason. The Xbox isn’t a hot model right now, but Project Scorpio is structured for high-powered gaming, set to outpace all competitors.

PC-Level Tech

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of Project Scorpio is that it’s less like other gaming consoles and more similar to a sturdy gaming PC. Boasting 24 GB of RAM, a 1 TB solid-state drive, and high speed graphics processing, this console is probably running a more aggressive system than your work laptop.

Huge Design Potential

Of course, the only reason to have PC-level specs is if you’re going to build games that take advantage of them – and that’s exactly what Microsoft wants to encourage with Project Scorpio.

Although Project Scorpio will still run all the Xbox One games, new releases will push the limits of gameplay, including in the realm of VR. Though Xbox lead, Phil Spencer, doesn’t necessarily love VR across the board, the gaming community is on the edge of their seats awaiting Fallout 4, a VR release for Project Scorpio. Fallout 4 is currently in development and gamers can expect a fully immersive experience unlike any other.

Your Old TV Won’t Kill The Experience

It’s enough that you’ll be shelling out for a new console when Project Scorpio hits the market, but even if you wait for a price drop after a few months, will you have to buy a 4K TV to enjoy these high-end games? Don’t worry – the Project Scorpio designers have thought this issue through, as well.

Project Scorpio features several different graphics settings, allowing you to reduce the intensity of the visuals, but more importantly the console has eliminated frame tearing. That means no more weird glitches because you have a great new console and an underpowered TV.

Overclocking Without Overclocking

If you’re not already poised to purchase a Project Scorpio console because you have a great gaming PC, for example, this may be the selling point for you: we’re talking about a system so fast that you’d basically have to overclock your computer and install extra cooling mechanisms to match this console.

The engineers built a customer cooler for the tiny Project Scorpio system, which also includes eight CPU cores set up in two clusters. Unfortunately, due to manufacturing schedules, it doesn’t include ADM’s Ryzen technology, but that doesn’t seem to be a significant barrier to performance.

Simply put, Project Scorpio is set to destroy the divide between consoles and gaming PCs and that may the biggest industry break the industry has seen in years. As for those on the gaming side, though, Project Scorpio is set to bring an immersive level of power. Enjoy – and don’t forget to sleep once it comes out.

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