By: Corey Matthews, Penn State University

Welcome Socialites to the #1 Ranked Party School – THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY!!! From here on out, brace yourself for campus updates on parties, bars, hot-spots, football, JoePa, Greek-life gossip, restaurant reviews and all that “Happy Valley” related stuff. With more in-depth posts to come along the way, I figured that there’s no better way to introduce you to State College than to give you a preview to what you might expect. With 44,000+ students (or drunkmesses who pose as students), PSU is an in-your-face campus that offers nothing short of mayhem. Get ready for a team of bloggers who will throw you updates, and reviews of everything Penn State.

Without getting into too much detail, a few of my buddies from University of Wisconsin-Madison (previous #1 party school) came to visit the valley for our Spring 2010 welcome week. After a night of pregaming with the sorority formally known as Tridelt, and pounding mind-erasers at Gman, my boy basically got punched in the face by a sidewalk….and lost.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to try to match up with Penn Staters, in Happy Valley, make sure you don’t give a B-level effort.

I hope all of you check out this blog often to keep up to speed with events, promotions, and good times.

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