Put Some Spice In Your Sex Life!

Amanda Schweitzer (Hofstra University)

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Have you been in a long-term relationship and feel that your sex life flat out sucks? Even though there is more to a relationship then intimacy, we all know that sex is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship.  Here are some tips that can help “spice” up your sex life that can ultimately better a relationship. Sexual frustration is never a good thing.  

• Toys

Don’t be embarrassed to buy a sex toy from Spencer’s Gifts. We all know they sell them. Most girls like it when you use your fingers during sex. Sorry guys your fingers can’t vibrate. Here is the perfect invention:

While having sex have the guy control the speed while you control the placement. Hopefully you know what I am talking about because I hate the word.

TIP: Also try the Trojan Vibrating Ring

•    Flavor

Have you ever seen the Sex and the City movie?

If your man likes sushi, go to the Japanese restaurant, grab some California rolls, place them all over your body, and have him eat off you. Also try mixing chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and some edible underwear for a delicious treat.

•    Role Play

Put on some costumes or change your name. Ladies, dress up as a naughty cheerleader and do splits on top of your man. Also pretend you are giving him a tour of your house. Show him your favorite rooms and what you like to do in each one.

•    Videos

Videos can be fun but make sure you are careful because you don’t want to be the next Kim Kardashian. Put it in a safe place. It’ll be exciting for you and your man to watch on a rainy day.

• Games

This game is perfect as a gift. Also try sex coupons and leave them around the house.

Campus socialites, what do you do to spice up your sex life?

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