Put Your iPad On A Pedestal With The Extremely Versatile Tessa Stand


Do you ever strain your neck while you use your iPad? Do you hold your iPad all awkward-like when you’re supposed to be taking notes but you’re actually playing Angry Birds? That’s exactly what that chick in the picture is doing, and it’s all because she’s using the Tessa iPad Stand.

See how she’s able to keep a straight face while playing Angry Birds? That could be you if the Tessa iPad Stand makes its $55,000 goal on Kickstarter. If you want to see it get made, you can donate money on Kickstarter to help them reach their goal, and even grab some cool stuff for yourself. For a $1 donation you can get a thank you letter, for $5 you can get a Tessa sticker, $20 is an official Tessa flash drive, and for $50 you can actually get a Tessa stand.

See how sexy that looks? You can use it on a desk, in the kitchen, on top of a piano, or even in a bed!

So if you want to have a part in getting a brand-new product out there, hop on Kickstarter and make a donation here!

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