By: Troy Haimowitz (University At Buffalo)

Ever since the “King” stepped foot into the NBA, he was proclaimed as the future heir to Michael Jordan’s throne. Up until this point in his career he is averaging about 28 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists a game. The stats don’t lie, LeBron James is the real deal, but what people are finally starting to realize about the legends is that being one of the most gifted athletes in the world is not good enough. There is a certain attribute that some players like Jordan, Magic, Kobe, and Bird etc. possess such that makes them more then just a basketball player. Having played competitive basketball growing up I can always watch a game and know the player that the others trust on the court. They can shoot 4-20 from the field that game but those players still know that the ball will be in their hands at the end of the game.  LeBron was thought to be that man but showed the true player he is.

First of all, you’re a basketball player in the NBA LeBron. You play as one player in a league! In other words… I don’t know when players started thinking they were bigger than the game and I have not seen it up until now. Being an ex-Lebron fan I used to admire him for what I thought he was. An athlete with amazing talents that wanted to give back more then he returned. But the cats out of the bag LeBron. Everything you have done since you ripped off your jersey immediately following your loss to the Celtics last year was all about you. Last time I checked no king I have ever known lives in another kingdom, and the “Chosen One” has never chosen to take the easy way out. A ring means more then being able to say you won the championship and have a diamond on your finger. Any real athlete who knows the game knows it’s just as important how you do it. Legacies and legends in the beautiful game of basketball have always brought the championship team to them. Michael Jordan would sooner play baseball in the MLB before he played for another team. Kobe wouldn’t leave L.A. unless you physically removed him. These are legends of this game. Yea, they had help on their teams no one said you had to do it alone, but do it the right way. A king never leaves his palace and especially never goes to one of his long time rival’s homes after he does so.

Next off, what was the need for you and your “entourage” to set up a special on ESPN about what team you’re going to go to? It’s not bad enough that you toyed around with multiple teams including one in the state that raised you since you were born? Respect comes with greatness, which are two things you’ve made clear you know nothing about. One of the biggest jokes you made of yourself came at your hour long special. You were so busy promoting yourself that you forgot to mention the Boys and Girls Club who you claimed this was all for.

Bottom line is this LeBron: you just turned the NBA into 29-1 frenzy. All your fans that once thought you were something  special now realize the sellout you really are. As far as I’m concerned you haven’t done anything yet but promote yourself and talk a big game. Come talk to me when you have 5 or 6 rings like some champions I know and maybe you will deserve to be in the same sentence as the great ones. But you will never reach that elite level of greatness because you tarnished that when you decided to flee to Miami to join Wade’s team and not be the man on your team anymore. Not everyone can handle the pressure of having the spotlight on them, but I don’t think anyone saw it coming from you, so enjoy Miami and their fake fans who didn’t know what basketball even was until the new big three showed up. Hey maybe you’ll win 75 games this year, but let’s see what you do in the playoffs because no one has seen anything from you in that department yet.

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