Rage in Action: Come and See the Angriest Man in the World (Part II)

Ok, if you didn’t read Monday’s Part I or just live in a cave with zero access to YouTube or the entire Internet, then you need a refresher course on Stephen a.k.a. anger incarnate a.k.a. the stuff Supernanny’s nightmares are made of.  You know what, forget the witty explanations… just see what this sick maniac has to offer below.

Grandma Bonds Steps to the Plate – Apparently a short temper runs in Stephen’s family.

Stephen vs. The Hoover – Stephen and chores mix like oil and water so it’s no surprise that when he’s asked to vacuum the living room the results prove disastrous.

Trouble in the Band – brotherhood is put to the test when Jack and Stephen rock out to Heart’s classic “Barracuda” on Guitar Hero.

Stephen’s UFC Audition Tape – Watch out Anderson Silva, Stephen is coming to the octagon and judging by the look of his bedroom door, he is gonna crush some skulls.

How the Stephen Stole Christmas – Stephen shows his blazing hatred for holiday hijinks.


Look Out for Stephens Up in the Tree – Regardless of the environment, Jack continues to push Stephen’s buttons and this video is no different as Stephen wigs out after learning that he is an Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.

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