Rapper on the Rise: Hoodie Allen Talks College, Google, and Pep Rally

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New York City got pummeled with a foot of snow this week, but it didn’t stop hundreds of loyal Hoodie Allen fans from coming out to see the recent college grad rapper live at New York’s Highline Ballroom. We were lucky to spend some time with him before the show to discuss his college experiences both as a student and a graduate.

Brian Smith: Congratulations on the release of your new Mix Tape “Pep Rally.” Talk about what fans can expect to hear.

Hoodie Allen: It’s my first big mixtape, and I’m really excited about it. It’s a lot of new school hip hop with innovative sampling of sounds from indie to pop.

BS: You’re a self described “College Educated Music Nerd.” Students across the country, myself included, are curious what you mean by that?

HA: I get asked this question a lot since putting it on my Facebook Page.

BS: Sorry for stalking.

HA: Stalk away. Well, I’m a music fan first. I’m really into Hype Machine. You’ll realize I’m into all types of genres, and I try to incorporate different styles when creating my music.


BS: You’ve performed at universities nationwide. What was your favorite school you’ve performed at?

HA: Well, this is going to sound biased, but I performed at UPENN and it was an incredible show with a great crowd! I know we have a stigma attached that we’re all work and no play, but I’ll tell you we can certainly hold our own when it comes to partying.

BS: How about the craziest party you went to after playing a show?

HA: I played this party for 200 or so kids at Buena Vista University in Iowa. We drove through corn fields for about three hours, but when we got to the show, the crowd was wild! There were kids not wearing pants. We partied all night. It was crazy! So, shout out to Buena Vista University…you guys are awesome!

BS: It was a pantless party?

HA: There were definitely kids without pants.

BS: Well played Buena Vista University…What has it been like for you being a college graduate and going back to campuses as a performer versus being a student?

HA: It’s great going back to schools to perform, have a great time, and not have to worry about doing any work that goes along with being a student.

BS: So you work for Google. What’s it like being a part of corporate America during the week, and being a weekend warrior when the work week is over?

HA: First off, I don’t sleep much.

BS: Sorry to interrupt, but have you ever heard the phrase “You’ll sleep when you’re dead?”

HA: Yes, definitely. I’ve been provided so many great opportunities to perform on some great shows that it would be dumb not to take advantage of them, regardless of not sleeping for a week straight.


BS: For people who have never seen you perform live, what can fans expect to see at a Hoodie Allen show?

HA: A lot of raw energy. I’ll also throw in some fun beats at live shows that you won’t hear on anything recorded, and I’ll always do a free-style unique to the city I’m performing in, so every show is different. It’s all about the fans. My favorite parts of the show are meeting my fans when I get off the stage.

BS: Where can we find the mixtape “Pep Rally” on the internet along with more info about Hoodie Allen?

HA: You can check out the website for “Pep Rally” called Time For the Pep Rally, and be sure to check out Hoodie Allen‘s Fan Page. While you’re there be sure to hit the “Like” button. Hit that fuckin’ “Like” Button.

BS: Yes definitely hit the fuckin’ “Like” button, and be sure to check out more from Hoodie Allen in 2011. Hoodie, big things to come my man, and as always, thanks for taking the time. Hoodie was also featured on The Campus Socialite’s “Top 20 Mixtapes of the Year.”


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