Reasons College is Probably the Most Dangerous Atmosphere You’ll Ever Be In

College is invaluable. It’s also a great path to take for many people in the world. Education and knowledge are two major catalysts for success. Of course, college isn’t for everybody, and there is much controversy surrounding operations, finances, politics within the system of education, and many other departments, but used correctly, university and schooling will help you in ways other things can’t.

However, just because there are many good things about school doesn’t mean that it isn’t filled with bad, as well. College is likely the most dangerous atmosphere you’ll ever be in. Sounds a bit far-fetched, right? Well, here are reasons why it’s true:

You’re In A Very Important Stage of Life

In recent years, the age range of college students has diversified. Once upon a time, college was only for rich folk and people of higher class standing were the only ones who could afford it. Thankfully, that trend changed and it became common place for people of all walks of life to attend school beyond high school.

Over the years, it’s been popular for students to move on to college directly following high school. That means the age range for college students has been between 18-23. Today, those stats are different even still. The average age of a college student today is 25. Regardless of exact age, 18-25, or even to 30 is a very important stage of life.

What happens in that time determines how your life will turn out. College is dangerous for this stage of life because many in this age range don’t know who they are. This leads them to make decisions that have negative consequences. They’re more likely to try drugs or change their belief systems based on the people and atmosphere around them. College is a heightened experience. It’s intense and fast moving. What you surround yourself by in that time will shape who you are, so choose wisely.

Everything is New

While exciting and stimulating, college is a period of time in which everything is new. Some people don’t handle change well. Amidst the stress of the lifestyle and the social pressures you face, at the same time, you’re learning what it means to be an adult and pay for yourself in the world. You’re taking in different philosophies about life, you’re meeting new people, trying out the dating scene, going to parties, studying, working, and doing a lot of other things.

So much new in one season makes transitioning hard. College will consist of the hardest times in your life, and the best. It’s what you make of it. In the end, it’s a dangerous place to be. You have to learn to protect yourself from the bad, choose to embrace the good, and you must learn to thrive in a cesspool of controversy. It’s dangerous…but danger also makes you step your butt into gear.

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