Reasons Ditching the Dorm in College is a Good Idea

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Colleges can be lumped into many different categories, but there are specific things each are known for. There are the colleges where everyone goes to be very serious about their degree, and there are the colleges people go to when they want the experience, but they’re content floating around from major to major partying it up until they figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Of course you can’t lump every person into a specific college category based upon their personalities. There might be a person who is very serious about their degree but decides to go to a college known for partying because they also like to party, or the school just had a great program. Everybody picks the college they attend for a different reason, but unless you’re a freshman and are required to live on campus, here are reasons ditching the dorm is a good idea:

You’ll Have Your Own Space

College is great for a social experiment, but when you have things to do, the amount of people around and the sheer lack of personal space can make studying and being productive difficult. When you live off campus, you have the choice to withdraw from the masses whenever you want. You might have roommates, but you’ll have your own room and space.

You’ll Have A Kitchen

Every school is going to have a different setup in the dorms, but it’s highly likely that you’ll either not have a kitchen at all, or you’ll have a community kitchen to share with a hundred of your closest dorm mates. You’re basically forced to eat out of the cafeteria where the food is in limitless supply, but it’s also mediocre and overpriced.

When you ditch the dorm and have your own home or apartment, you have the luxury of packing and preparing your own meals and you can also make cookies or tuna fish whenever you want without having a passersby asking for a bite or complaining about the smell.

You Can Live Cheaper

Be honest with yourself. Living in a dorm is expensive. Even if you have to drive a considerable amount from the suburbs to get to school, you’re still paying less for the services offered to you. You’ll have space for yourself, space for all of your stuff, you’ll be able to decorate however you want, and basically everything in your life will be less expensive.

In addition to all of this, you’ll get more done, you’ll be less tempted to attend parties every night due to the drive, and you’ll feel more like an adult. Dorms can be fun, but they’re also overrated. Skip them and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in multiple ways.


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