By: Paige Vigil (University of Minnesota)

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Everyone is enamored by the idea of love. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. So, naturally, we crave companionship and many of us go looking for it. But, it is my theory, as a single, that myself along with other women in my boat, need to stop searching for Mr. Right. By stopping this habit, I’ll spend more times focusing on the one person that really matters, myself!

1. There Is No One To Answer To: You don’t have to explain why you didn’t do something, because no one will be questioning your motives. Everything you do is your choice. Once, I was in class and my then boyfriend freaked out that I was not answering his phone calls. He then proceeded to calling me, and this is no joke, 80 times in one hour. Now, as a single woman, I have no one to explain myself to, other than myself. Glorious.

2. Flirting: Now, when I go out to the bar, I don’t have to feel shameful as I stare back at the insanely attractive man across the room. Going out with my girlfriends is never as much fun when I am tied down because I can’t flirt back with them men I meet.

3. Dating Multiple Men At Once: Not seriously dating, but semi-dating. Going on dates, and being on the brink of a relationship but not quite there is thrilling. When you’re single, and not in a relationship, you can be at this point with multiple men at once and not feel bad.  Plus, then when you do want to get serious, you have your pick of the litter.

4. Not Having To Worry About What He Thinks: I once had a boyfriend who would worry about what I was wearing, or perhaps about what I wasn’t wearing, and truthfully, it got wearing. Men turn out to be more whiney than most women I know. Now, I only have to worry about my own opinion. I can wear what I want and go where I want and not have to worry about his opinion.

5. Finding Myself: Sometimes, when in a relationship, I get so enthralled by the passion and the lust that I have forgotten about myself. I end up thinking about what is best for the relationship rather than what is best for me. In a perfect relationship, I’m sure what is best for the relationship would be what is best for me as well, yet this just wasn’t the case. I’d end up sacrificing what I want to make him happy. Next time I’m ready to get serious, I’ll make sure our morals line up. In the mean time, I’ll do me.

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