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By: Chhaya Néné (University of Miami)

Have you been re-evaluating your relationship lately? The honeymoon phase is long over, and you’ve passed the 8-month mark, but lately things haven’t been working out. You’re arguing a lot more, you talk a lot less, and you start thinking about other people. You want more space…these could be signs that your relationship is past the brittle stage and it’s time to call it quits. Before you start playing Mario’s Break Up, here are some indicators of a failing relationship:

Communication Melt Down

This right here is your biggest problem. Once communication in a relationship starts dwindling, chances are your relationship will dwindle too. If you have a problem, or something that’s concerning you, you should be able to talk to your partner without feeling threatened. If you’re as in love as you claim, then you should always be able to listen to each other. If you can’t talk, then there’s no real relationship and you should probably break up.

Put your Dukes Up!

Fighting is never fun in a relationship and is usually the main cause of a break up if things get too bad. This can range from stupid arguments to all-out physical altercation… but why are you fighting? Is it because you aren’t happy anymore or is it because you’ve stopped communicating what’s important to you? Try LISTENING to each other rather than trying to throw your opinion in your partner’s face. Fighting is never fun for anyone and it can put a strain on every aspect of your life.

Lack of Interest

Do you pay attention to each other when you’re hanging out together? Are you always on your cell texting other friends or even exes? Do you prefer to watch TV when you guys are intimate? Do you not care if he/she calls you?

If you don’t care, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship. Relationships are a two way street and if you guys don’t even want to talk, you two should be single, it’s just that simple. Break up!!

So if you think you meet those three criteria, it may be time to break up, or it may be time for you two to talk and see if you can’t reconcile your relationship. Not every relationship has to end. You guys may need a break, or therapy… but it’s up to you to fix your relationship. So stop dragging your relationship problems to everyone, and talk about it.

Good Luck.

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