Resident Evil Revelations 2 continues upon the foundation laid by its acclaimed handheld predecessor. The first installment of the episodically released game hit consoles on February 25th and will continue to add a new chapter every week.

The game is split between two pairs of protagonists, one headed by Claire Redfield, returning to the series after a long absence, and Barry Burton’s teenage daughter Moira. The other half is lead by Barry himself and a girl with mysterious powers, Natalia. Revelations 2’s first episode delivers story and gameplay at a perfect pace, leaving plenty of room for development and a lot to be excited about.

Entertainment Value

Resident Evil Revelations 2’s first episode makes for an enjoyable session, alone or with a friend. After trapping players in a claustrophobic prison setting and with undead on the loose, Revelations teases them deeper into the larger, mysterious plot. Gunning down enemies on the way is as satisfying as ever, and horror elements persist throughout the chapter without insisting upon themselves in a way that diminishes the effect. Most of the focus is on the action, from the gratifying gore fest of the simpler modes to the challenges of higher difficulty settings. Environments are suitably bleak, and if the first Revelations is any indicator, soon to expand into a more elaborate horror wonderland.

Players can switch between the two characters in each pair, or run through the campaign with a friend. One character in each pair is always significantly less effective in direct confrontations, but comes with their own set of skills that enhance the experience.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 plays well, with quick controls and satisfying effects. Combat sequences are appropriately tense, and a replayable raid mode gives players something to come back to. The new game handles more intuitively than the first, with the snappy sleekness of a true action title. The campaign manages to sneak in a few jump scares, to keep players on their toes.


The first episode comes with an intriguing build to a decent cliffhanger, and promises to bring some surprises to long time fans of the larger series as well. Characters are well put together, and their dialogue lacks the slightly ham-fisted technique found in recent installments of the core series. The overall presentation of Revelations 2 contributes to the establishment of Revelations as a unique brand. Overall, Revelations 2 is compelling and ought to keep players excited for every weekly installment.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 does a lot of good with only a few drawbacks. Its well-told story and fantastic co-op modes overshadow any minor design flaws it has. The backbone of the game is how it plays, and Revelations 2’s action sequences are on point. It gains extra points for the Raid mode that gives the low price of entry lasting value. Time will tell if Revelations 2 lives up to the reputation of its predecessor, but its debut episode makes a firm argument that it may even surpass it.

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