Have you ever wanted Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite social networks to be in one place?  This would allow you to better use the little time you actually have for social networking. In our busy world we have to do everything we can to cut time.  The RockMelt browser will change the way people use the internet every day.

RockMelt is a browser that every social media savvy person should have, but every college student should be careful of, at least until finals are over.  I didn’t think this would be something that would distract me much but I, like most college students, am going to try and ban myself from Facebook and Twitter. RockMelt gives me the power to control my social world without ever leaving my browser.

After finals are over I will be all about the new RockMelt social browser. The slogan of the site is “Your Browser, Re-imagined.” Its goals are to allow the user to share easier, search faster, connect with friends, and keep up on news.  As their blog brags, “it’s your world built into your browser. ” Something we all need, I’m sure: I’m able to check Facebook and Twitter without going to the site, or leaving my homework for that matter. I’m also able to get updated on new articles posted to The Campus Socialite via the RSS feed!

The share feature is one of the best on the web. It allows you to take the website you’re currently visiting on the RockMelt browser and share it via Facebook or Twitter. You can also drag and share with your Facebook friends.

Of course, since it is still such a new browser, there are bugs to be worked out. But as a new user, I’m proud to say that I’m happy to have the social world at the tips of my fingers…even when I’m researching gender studies.

Unfortunately, you have to have an invite to download the browser at the moment, but if you just go to the website and give them your email address you will get that invite, plus three for your friends. The invites aren’t about the creators trying to be exclusive; it’s because the browser is still in its prime and if there are bugs to fix they aren’t being flooded with emails about the same problems repeatedly. This allows the team to work out the kinks peacefully before the browser is fully released to the public.

I have had the RockMelt Browser for a little over 24 hours now and I literally have seen my productivity rise.  Not having to actually be on Facebook to use the chat feature is also a plus, keeping me focused on the task at hand rather than continuously checking to see if I have a message.  My advice to those who are loyal to their browsers: I would say if you enjoy your social media and you enjoy using Google chrome as your main browser, then you will more than likely enjoy using RockMelt.

RockMelt – Your Browser. Re-Imagined.

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