Run the Streets with Nike’s Hyperize White Men Can’t Jump Pack

White Men Can’t Jump’s streetball extraordinaire Sidney Deane made an awful lot of sense when he told the recently bankrupted Billy Hoyle that in the game of life “You either smoke or you get smoked.”  In that situation Billy was outsmarted by his bolder, blacker counterpart, but only after he had already taken Sydney for a nice chunk of cash in their first two-on-two roundball matchup.  The point is that these two hustlers were the best of their kind and were portrayed so brilliantly by Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson that it’s no wonder that Nike is paying tribute to the cinematic classic with their Hyperize White Men Can’t Jump Pack.

This fiery hot two pack of kicks has been on every legit sneaker collector’s wish list since news of their release hit the Internet in May.  Each sneaker has something for everybody, whether you are looking for a light, sleek design of the Billy Hoyle’s (white/lime green high tops) or the riskier, darker Sidney Deane version (black/red/teal high top).  It’s funny, both pairs seem to reflect their namesake as Hoyle was the white bread dude that made solid passes and outside shots while Sydney was the flashy showman of the duo.

The White Men Can’t Jump pack just hit shelves at Foot Lockers in Australia on July 18th and sales have been higher than Tony Montana in the final scene of Scarface.  No word on a US release date as of yet, however rumors are flying that those with interest will need to defeat Eddie “The King” Faroo and Duck Johnson to get their hands on a pair.


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