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Regardless of how wild your childhood exploits were, your youthful sexual experiences were defined by one concrete, infallible descriptive system known as “the bases.”  For some late bloomers, first base could be something as simple as making solid eye contact with a young coed for a full 8 seconds – coincidentally the same amount of time required for a successful bull ride (you learn something new every day here folks).  Other, more sexually advances kids, were sliding into third and sticking all sorts of junk into various orifices by the time their first pubes took root in middle school.  No matter how much action you were getting, it was always a blast to brag to your buddies that you stole second base and the chick totally let you get away with it or that you didn’t totally strike out with some random girl, because in your opinion you had “several foul tips.”  What the hell is a foul tip?  A handshake, a kiss on the cheek?  Since I am only one man with my own field of sexual dreams, it would be best for you to refer to the fine females at CollegeCandy for their breakdown of the college base system.

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