Ryan Dunn Highlights and Tribute (Video)

ryan dunn

It’s been a sad day Socialites. Early this morning, we were informed that Jackass Extraordinaire, Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident. After that, the grim details started to surface slowly. Now we know that Dunn was apparently drunk, driving his own car, and that another person died in the process. Sad day Socialites. Lesson learned though. We won’t blame Dunn, but we will say that sometimes people make stupid decisions, and the results can be catastrophic. Our generation grew up with Ryan Dunn, and we will all miss him as one of the funniest, most ballsy, and most Jackass dudes to ever grace our screens. I was looking for his videos on YouTube when I stumbled upon this tribute to Dunn, posted in 2007. It doesn’t say anything about his death obviously, but as far his life goes, it sums it up perfectly. Check out Ryan Dunn living life, and doing what he loved most: being a Jackass.

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