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merritt canteen

So its 4 AM on a Friday or Saturday Night, and you just got done partying . You’re looking for any type of food you can get your hands on. First stop would be the local McDonalds, but for educated Sacred Heart students, the choice is elsewhere. Even though the restaurant states that it’s 24-7, The Bridgeport McDonalds is known to have down time between 2 and 6 AM, often leaving customers waiting many minutes to place an order. The place you need to go (guaranteed to be open) is the local hot-spot established in 1942; The Merritt Canteen.

The Canteen is located in Bridgeport, CT, on Main St. right next to the Marshals and the Stop and Shop. For Sacred Heart University Students, the greasier the better, and the Merritt Canteen satisfies all of your fried food desires. From seafood to burgers, and fries to breakfast foods, The Merritt Canteen can accommodate any college student’s wants or needs.

This local hot-spot begins to pop off every weekend at the most ungodly hours of the night. Merritt Canteen is open till 1 AM during the week, 2 AM on Thursday, and 4 AM on the weekends. The canteen stays open extra late hours on the weekend, and mainly caters to Sacred Heart University and Bridgeport University students. The parking lots fill up with tipsy college students all wanting to divulge as soon as possible. To satisfy the rush, the Merritt Canteen has two separate ordering lines: one for fried food and the other for all other menu items. The lines usually move quickly while each order is yelled out to the chefs, rather than written down.

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When it comes to paying, the Merritt Canteen still doesn’t except credit cards but the restaurant has graciously teamed up with Sacred Heart University and accepts their student meal cards. So instead of eating the shitty cafeteria food, why don’t you take a ride down Main Street and enjoy everything the Merritt Canteen has to offer.

The Merritt Canteen isn’t just good for food. During the weekends when the college students flock for late night munchies, you also might be able to get some phone numbers or even last-minute booty calls. The Canteen has a great college environment; the workers are extremely helpful and nice, there to serve the drunken college flock.

merritt canteen

While you’re inside, you are guaranteed to spot Bridgeport local police keeping the crowd under control along with numerous students who you partied with that night or earlier in the week. To occupy the intoxicated students, there are some mini arcade games that will keep your brain and fingers actively engaged.

The Merritt Canteen will be recognized nationally as they just finished their spot on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on The Food Network. If any Sacred Heart University Students are in dire need of late night munchies, you know where to find them; The Merritt Canteen!

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