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By: Kevin Plaza

Just like he does in those schoolyard games from the homoerotic Wrangler commercials, Brett Favre is having a good ol’ time.  Much like it was in New York, the start of the season for Jet Favre, (Vike? Favre), was nothing short of incredible. This old man who barely practices, does not participate in off season conditioning programs and rarely sees the field in training camp, just goes out there and hurls that pigskin around like a regular Jonny Moxon. But also, just like in New York, things are beginning to slowly unravel for #4. You can make a case that Brett Favre single handedly spoiled the Jets playoff hopes last season with horrendous performances in the last few weeks by playing with a torn bicep muscle and throwing the ball to the guys with in the opposing color jerseys. In this season with Minnesota, although the Vikes are not going to miss the playoffs, Favre has struggled down the stretch and is beginning to cost his team some key games for playoff positioning. Who knows which Favre we are going to see in January? So Viking fans how do you like him now?

Everyone knows that this guy is a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback and one of the best to ever to step on the gridiron, but with reports coming out that the Head Coach Brad Childress tried to sit Favre in a Carolina game where he was playing poorly and taking more hits than Tina Turner, he refused to ride the pine and went on to play.  This makes me wonder, is Brett really a team guy? Or does he just not want to look bad in any circumstance? Brett, if you’re a team guy and you are not playing well and getting knocked around, I don’t care if you are Joe Montana, if your Coach thinks they have a better shot of winning with someone else, then you have to sit. From your New York days and countless reports out of the Jets locker room, I can already tell that the answer to this question is: you just don’t want to look bad, regardless of how this may bring down the team. Cause you sure aren’t a team player. I’m pretty sure you spent more time talking to the director of your Wrangler commercials then you did, your actual teammates.

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