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Remember how awesome water guns used to be when you were a kid? Filling up the giant super soaker cannons and blasting unsuspected victims while you ran away and laughed the rest of the day. Well the creator of this new party product was for sure one of those kids; I bring to you the Bierstick. This gift to partiers worldwide leaves beer bongs and funnels in the past and allows you to drink up to 24 ounces in less than two seconds. Personally, I have never seen such madness and am convinced that this was built in a frat house basement by ex-engineer majors who switched to communications after pledging.The method to pounding down 24 ounces of liquid in two seconds seems highly unlikely, but actually is a pretty easy concept. Remove the mouthpiece, fill with beer, put the mouthpiece back on, push air out of tube, place end on a wall or another solid surface (, and press when ready to drink. It takes two seconds to knock out one of these Biersticks, but will take about two minutes of draining the lizard after the quick consumption. This Bierstick has many uses besides getting absolutely shitty, it can be used as a walking stick when you cant make it to your bed, an extended arm to turn the TV off when you cant find your remote control, a back scratched for those hard to reach spots, or even used for a good old fashion game of whiffle ball since those yellow bats crack always. With the summer upon us, I expect to see the Bierstick making appearances at BBQ’s and at the beach. Be sure to visit the home of the Bierstick at to check out the new method of pounding a nice cold one. At least now when you buy that cheap beer from the gas station it will go down smooth, cold, and refreshing…problem is it might come up just as fast.
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