Sell Your House and Move to the City After Graduation: 5 Essential Tips


Graduating and landing your dream job in a big city is a great start to a successful life. However, if your parents’ home is holding you back from moving to the city of your dreams, you have to figure out a way to sell it quickly.

Since your new job is not likely going to wait for you while you show your home, these five tips can help you attract and accept an offer quickly.

1. Curb appeal matters

One of the easiest ways to make your parents’ home more appealing is to push curb appeal. When a potential buyer drives past the house and sees the yard in disarray, you’ve just lost that sale. If a home doesn’t appeal to them from the first glance, most buyers won’t bother inspecting the interior.

By cleaning the front porch, possibly adding a fresh coat of paint, keeping the lawn manicured, and adding decorative flowers and other features, you can turn your parents’ average home into a spectacular attraction.

2. Get rid of things

When buyers walk into your parents’ home, they want to be able to picture their belongings in each room. This is difficult to do in a home filled with clutter.

Remove knick-knacks, excess numbers of picture frames and decorations, and make things real simple.

3. Take good photos

It’s free but it makes a big difference. When selling your home, make sure all the photos to be posted on real estate websites are good quality and feature the best angles of the house.

Don’t take night pictures. Don’t take pictures that show too many shadows or are too dark. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light in the house, the rooms are clean, and each space is photographed from the best possible angle. These photos could be the impression that draws the buyer in.

4. Take care of small issues

If the doors creak and the faucet leaks, buyers will notice. Those are just more things they’ll have to put on their to-do list after they move in. If those particular shoppers aren’t looking to add to their already hectic schedules, these simple fixes might be enough to send them looking elsewhere.

It’s inexpensive and quick to perform small fixes on leaky faucets and creaky doors. It also helps to touch up imperfections in the paint and trim, and to have the carpets professionally cleaned to remove stains.

5. Get an appraisal

One of the worst mistakes you can make when selling your parents’ home is not knowing what it’s actually worth. If you list the house for too much, you will alienate buyers. If you list it for too little, you will lose out on a significant profit.

Utilize a quick sale estate agent

A quick sale agent is a specialist who can help you sell your home faster than average. Using a quick sale agent gets you a faster appraisal because these agents can do that part on your behalf.

Additionally, your agent’s job is to screen potential buyers; they will weed out people who are not in a position to act quickly so you can complete the sales process as fast as possible.

While you prepare to make the move to the city and begin your first post-graduation job, you won’t need to waste much time with the details of selling your parents’ home. By doing a few quick pick-me-ups around the house to ensure it looks its best, you can prepare it for a quick sale agent to find a buyer who is financially prepared to purchase the home almost immediately.


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