Deadlines and the average college student are about as compatible as Paris Hilton and abstinence, they simply do not mix.  So often kids are put in the tough position of deciding whether to go to their weekly installment “Two for Tuesday” beer and mixers night at the bar or finish up (or just start writing) that paper that is due at noon the next day.  A new, utterly ridiculous website service is now relieving you of that difficult choice by providing a much needed extension on those pesky assignments. offers a clever and diabolical scheme to keep you out of the professor’s doghouse and away from his or her dreaded “incomplete” grading column.  A simple three step process allows students to sidestep due dates as effectively as Ellen DeGeneres avoids anything with a penis.  The procedure goes as follows:

–       First purchase a file and rename it (ex: Socialite_Midterm Essay)

–       E-mail the file to your unsuspecting professor, letting them know that your paper is attached

–       The third step is to write the actual paper that you just bought some more time for because your professor will take hours, if not days to open the corrupted file

Some scholars have called the use of unethical.  Others have called it extremely unethical.  I call it a desperate act that should be taken only in times of great distress.  Whatever you label it, the truth cannot be argued – using it the right way will push back due dates and relieve some of the pressure caused by researching and writing a paper which can dramatically impact your GPA. provides bogus files for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets – the holy trinity of college assignments.  From now until the end of the month, their website is running a $3.95 per file special so there is little time to waste if you are just trying to half-ass it through any summer courses.  I’m predicting that will become overwhelmingly popular come Fall when the new semester arrives; chalk it up to a lack of faith in college student morality or just knowing that when it comes down to getting wasted or throwing together a detailed annotated bibliography, most of us will take the easy way out.  Personally, I don’t think “My dog ate my homework” is gonna cut it anymore these days.

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