Seth MacFarlanes Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

Seth MacFarlane, the genius behind the likes of Family Guy and the new spinoff The Cleveland Show, has created a bunch of short videos in a promotion with Burger King.  Many companies have taken to the online video advertising and this might be one of my favorite campaigns yet.  Anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of Seth MacFarlane’s comedic ability is definitely doing things properly. Below is Burger King’s YouTube Channel to check out the rest of his 14 video shorts.  I have posted a couple below so you can enjoy them from The Campus Socialite.

The Cleveland Show is starting this Fall and for more information check out the Campus Socialite Preview to the Cleveland Show.

Also, check out the talented Seth MacFarlane give his graduation speech to Harvard University Class of 2006.  If he would have given my graduation speech I might have listened instead of BBMing everyone within a 100 miles radius.  My class had some women who wrote a book about monkeys, woopdeedoo.  It is great having a guest speaker that is not afraid to poke fun at Gays, Jews, Politics and Religion in one speech at one of the most notoriously uptight establishments in the world.  Ohhhh Right… Giggidy Giggidy

Harvard Graduation Speech Video Clips