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Every morning when I wake up the first thing I think is “I really think Hollywood needs more feuds.”  Normally it’s Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan versus someone (or everyone). There aren’t a whole lot of epic guy feuds going on right now. Generally they just punch it out and move on. Luckily, Seth Rogen and the creator of “Entourage,” Doug Ellin have thrown their proverbial hats into the ring and started a guy feud that sounds like it may have the potential to get epically nasty.

In one of its typically late-to-the-game, random cultural broadsides, the writers of Entourage went after Seth Rogen in last night’s episode, calling his “ugliness…oddly fascinating” in a debate over whether the actor could land a Katherine Heigl-type in real life. One might assume that the affable Rogen would shrug off the insult with a friendly, Fozzie-ish chuckle, but they don’t call where Rogen’s at a “fighting weight” for nothing! Behold, his amazing response when asked about the incident for E!’s Daily 10:

“Yeah, those guys are assholes. I actually ran into Matt…Kevin Dillon in a Starbucks. And he’s like ‘you know, I’ve got to kind of apologize because apparently the guy who created our show doesn’t like you so much.’ And I said ‘well I have reason to believe because I think [showrunner] Doug Ellin is a moron from all I can understand so it makes sense he doesn’t like me.’ And I’ve kind of said some disparaging things about the show. Although in our defense, [producer] Mark Wahlberg called us misogynistic in an interview, so I think they kind of started that…It’s on. Luckily I never have and never plan on watching Entourage.”

We would eagerly anticipate a rebuttal from Ellin, but we know how foreign the idea of creating conflict is to the writers of Entourage.


There’s a clip of the scene they’re feuding over above. I think it’s moderately funny at best, and definitely a few years too late. But to me the fact that it’s not that funny also makes it less offensive. If they really ripped into Seth Rogen it could have been a lot better. But it seems sort of half-assed at best. That said, that’s also why I’m so surprised Rogen even cares. He just seems the laugh it off type, but I guess not. I definitely don’t blame him for being pissed. It just seems more in his “Fozzie-ish” nature (wonderfully apt description, Movieline) to at least pretend to be fine with it and maybe even add a self-deprecating joke or two.

The best part is, Meadow freaking Soprano is dating Turtle on the show.  If Doug Ellin is really going to talk trash about Seth Rogen, wouldn’t it make sense to not be a hypocrite and put the same odd relationship into your show.  Either way, I like Seth Rogen, and I love Entourage, so I will leave it at that.

But that obviously leaves one question that needs to be answered:

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