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Sex and the City 2: From New York City to Abu Dhabi

By: Gina Reis (University of Minnesota)

Having watched the complete series of Sex and the City this spring semester (that’s 5 season, fyi), it’s easy to presume that I am more than pumped for the premiere of Sex and the City 2 on May 27. After hours upon hours of episodes about Carrie’s string of relationships (just say NO to Mr. Big!), Charlotte’s quest to find prince charming (which ends up turning her into a Jew), Samantha’s many sexcapades (which I had to turn the volume down on in fear roommates thought I was watching porn) and Miranda’s struggles with balancing her job and her son (and Steve), I can fully say that I know all there is about Sex and the City. And I want more. 

Finishing the series merely a week ago, I went into a slight depression—what was I supposed to do when I didn’t want to do work? Ugh! Luckily I only have to wait a couple of weeks, where, if it’s anything like the first movie, I’ll be fully immersed into the lives of my four favorite TV characters for about 3 hours. I saw the first Sex and the City movie with just season 1 under my belt, so at the time the movie just seemed so long and pointless. I mean, she’s engaged to Big, he leaves her at the altar, she’s depressed, then all of sudden he’s back and it’s ok? UGH! Even with little background of show at the time, this bugged me.

After watching the entire series, it bugs me even more. I think Sex and the City fanatics either love or hate Big—there’s no in between. It’s easy to say that I despise Big. I mean, how did she not choose Aiden—the hunky, furniture-making, dog loving Aiden? I love Carrie, but come on.

I think every single girl who watches SATC assigns one of the characters to herself, and I think that’s why this show is so iconic and completely addicting. I do think it’s funny that somehow each of the character’s problems/happenings for each episode somehow tie into an overall theme that perfectly fits into Carrie’s column, and I do not understand in the least bit where Carrie gets all this money to buy all these clothes—I mean her entire job is to write a sex column once a week.

Personally, I like to see myself as Carrie (I’m small, and pretty good at messing up relationships?) I’ve also accordingly assigned my three roommates to the roles of Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. My poor roommate Gwen was assigned to Samantha (not a perfect fit, but it had to do).

Anyways, after catching up on my reading (aka People magazine) I also found out that Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City (on which the TV show was inspired) is coming out with a new book—The Carrie Diaries—revealing Carrie Bradshaw’s high school past. Sounds like some great summer reading to me.

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer for Sex and the City 2—for us Big haters out there, Aiden makes an appearance in this one, and there definitely is an Aiden-Carrie reunion (in Abu Dhabi…?!) and it sounds like Big and Carrie are coming to the two year plateau in their relationship…so we can only assume that…gah! I don’t want to jinx it. We’ll just have to wait and see. We do know that this sequel will be fabulous, chic and about three hours long. Grab your heels and get to the theater ladies!

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