Top 5 Sexiest Themed College Parties

hot girls at college party

Are you looking for a theme party that gives all the ladies an excuse to dress “extra” nice? Well, we have the top five sexiest theme parties to make your next weekend a success! We know everyone wants a good theme party to make their weekend house party more fun. Check out these ideas to make your next rager the hit of the weekend.

1. Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins party

This is by far the sexiest of all the theme parties. This party gives every girl a reason to dress up slutty (Lust/Envy) when they go out and the guys have an excuse to dress lazy (Sloth). When girls dress as Lust or Envy they get to show some skin and dress extra scandalous. Pick a sin and have a good time.

2. Midsummer Night’s Dream

midsummer nights dream party

The Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme Party inspired by the one and only Hugh Hefner is your sure fire way to make your next party extra special! If anyone knows how to throw a sexy party it’s definitely Hefner. The girls get to dress up as sexy hot fairies while the guys can dress up as characters from the renaissance.

3. CEO’s & Office Hoes

CEO's and office hoes party

This theme party is both classy and sexy! All the girls dress up as hot office secretaries, we know all the guys fantasies, who doesn’t like the office bimbo. Then the guys dress up in nice business attire. Who doesn’t like feeling like bad-ass in a full suit? This is a great party for all the fraternities and sororities to get together.

4. Anything But Clothes

anything but clothes party

This party is all about showing up in “anything but clothes.” Whether it be girls dressing in just a strand of duct tape across their chest or only having body paint on, this party gives everyone a reason to dress hot and scandalous. The more risqué the costume ideas the more fun this party will be!

5. Rubik’s Cube

rubiks cube party

The Rubik’s Cube Theme Party is all about leaving the party with tons of different colored clothes. The party is essentially one big stripping event. Everyone gets drunk and starts exchanging clothes. Basically you strip someone as they strip you and then the two of you swap clothes. Trust us, it’s a great time!

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