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The semester is over. It is time for a little rest and relaxation. You have worked hard all semester, and now you deserve a much needed break. There is nothing more disappointing than waiting for the moment when you will be able to get away for a while and realize you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Most of your friends have already taken off out of state. Some of them even decided to take a NY to DC bus for the fun of it.

They invited you to tag along, but you really did not want to go to the Big Apple this time around. Your thoughts focused on some place a little less crowded. Some place like a nice secluded beach in Florida. Your Uncle, who lives in Tarpon, has often invited you to come down when you had a little free time to spare. You had always said you would like to go, but maybe now is the time to finally get away from it all for a week or so.

Hitting the Beaches of Florida

Sometimes the best way for a hard working college student to unload their stress is to get as far away from campus as they possibly can for a while. A change of scenery will truly help your mind to forget about deadlines and final exams. For a lot of college students, Florida has become a common choice for indulging in a little in between semesters vacation. While in Tarpon visiting your uncle, you actually are within driving distance from a few fairly nice beaches.

For starters, Fred Howard Park is a local attraction which gives you access to a popular local beach. It may be crowded on the weekends, but it is often not so busy during the week. Clearwater and St. Petersburg are also known for their beaches, because these are popular stops for the Spring break crowds. However, if you really want a nice beach experience, the beach at Sand Key Island is one of the nicest beaches in the area. It is usually not overly packed, since most of the tourists do not even know it exists. But, if a college student is looking to relax on vacation, then that is the beach to visit for sure.

Losing Stress In Tarpon

Though spending time on the beach is fun, there is more to spending your college vacation in Tarpon than simply catching the waves. If you enjoy village style shopping, while soaking up the local Greek culture, it can be loads of fun poking around in the Greek village with the other tourists on vacation.

There are lots of places to eat around the Sponge Docks. There are also a few shops where you will even be able to buy a souvenir. If you really want to unwind, there is ample opportunity for you to head out on the waves to spend the day deep sea fishing. According to Yelp, Tarpon is alive at night with a lot of local hot spots, such as the Tarpon Tavern, Zorbas Lounge, and the ever famous Wine At The Docks, where you can find the right wine for that special evening out.

After letting go of your stress in Florida for a week or so, you might decide to transfer to USF.


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