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Most guys know when their girlfriend is pissed off at them, because most of the time girls will go right ahead and say it.

“I’m pissed. You’re an asshole.”

But sometimes, it’s not even worth it. No fight will be put up and we’ll just let you “do whatever you want to do.” This is code for: you’re a total jerk and you better be making this up to me later. So guys, if you’re clueless and can’t read between the lines, here’s five signs your girlfriend is mad at you.

1. Short Texts

If you are in an argument with your girlfriend, or she is accusing you of being an asshole, the short text is a key sign she’s still pissed. You can ask her “are we okay?” as many times as you like, but if she’s responding to you with “K,” “Sure,” or the worst one, “Whatever,” then things have not been resolved. Girlfriend is pissed.


2. Any Use of “Fine”

If you ask your girlfriend how she’s feeling and she replies with fine, then here’s a huge clue she’s NOT fine. Men may be the ones who say what they mean all the time (yeah right) and never hide their feelings (haha), but this is a situation where your lady definitely isn’t saying what she means.

We don’t want to be fine with our relationship or our boyfriend. We want it to be exciting and new. I’m not saying you have to go all Edward Cullen and tell her how you can’t breathe without her. But a night without sports, farting, and playing on your phone all night would be nice.


3. You Ditch Her for Your Friends, When You Already Had Plans

You and your girl are supposed to go to the free concert downtown, or catch early drinks at the bar’s outdoor patio, when your buddies call and say they have a big night planned. They are going to the lake house, the strip club, the baseball game, wherever male bonding takes place. So you ask your girlfriend if she “minds” if you go. You promise you’ll make it up to her and do something just the two of you next weekend.

“Whatever you want to do,” she says. Welp, good luck getting out the dog house, dude.

4. You Expect a Blow Job

There’s always that time of the month when your girlfriend has to refrain from getting down and sort of turns into a monster (It’s hormonal, deal with it). But being the good girlfriend she is, she still indulges you even though she can’t get any. So you’re making out on the couch and she figures a handy-jay will suffice. But it doesn’t. You start pushing her shoulders down, and doing everything you can without saying it, before you say it. Just don’t. We would have done it in the first place if that were our prerogative.

5. “I Don’t Care”

The “I don’t care” from your girlfriend is not what you want to hear. Of course you want the person you love to care about you’re saying or doing. But if you ask her opinion or what she wants to do and that’s all she says, then something is up. Guys know that their girlfriends have MANY opinions and always care about something (their hair, what they’re going to order, will there be a bathroom to use there, etc.), so when she says she doesn’t care, it’s not the best sign. You ask her if you can do this with the guys instead of going along with your original plans with her and she says, “I don’t care.” Watch out, you’re not getting laid anytime soon.

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