So I was hanging out at a bar with some friends the other day – pretty standard for a Tuesday afternoon. A friend of mine, who I happened to have had sexual relations with, walks in and she says, “Hey Brian – let me see your hand.”

Naturally I asked her, “Why?” Upon a few more of her pleas, I gave her my hand, and she placed two animal-shaped rubber bands on my wrist.

Below is the conversation that ensued…

Me: “What are these things?”

Girl: “They’re Silly Bandz you silly…”

Me: “What are they for?”

Girl: “Well, you got a green one which means I sucked your dick, and the blue one means we had sex… I’ll talk to you in a little; I have to give out a few more of these things…”

She proceeds to head over to my friend Jeff, but Jeff gets a green one a blue one…..AND AN ORANGE ONE….

Me: I head over to Jeff and the girl and ask, “What’s the orange one for?”

Girl: “Well you know what the green and the blue Silly Bandz are – but Jeff fudgeed me in the ass, so he gets an orange one.”

Me: “WHAATTTTT?!? I WANT AN ORANGE ONE!!! How about we go to the bathroom right now – you know I won’t last all too long, and you likely won’t feel much at all… then you can give me my orange rubber band…”

Girl: “You’re funny Brian, but I’m not drunk enough to give you an orange Silly Band…In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be.”

She was true to her word; I still only have my blue and green Silly Bandz

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