Single Girls Everywhere… Don’t Fret! You’ll Have a Better Valentine's Day than Your Paired Off Friends!

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Valentine’s Day is almost every single girl’s least favorite day of the year. If a girl isn’t running around trying to find someone who’s worthy of taking her out on this most romantic night, she is trying to figure out what she can do to make herself feel less “single.”

In my opinion, why not celebrate your single-ness (you never know it could be your last single Valentine’s Day) by doing something you’ll remember forever (maybe even something a little crazy!).

Valentine’s Day can be a very expensive holiday for the romantically attached, why not take the money you would of spend on some guy and spend it on you! Is there a purse or pair of shoes you have been eyeing? Well today’s your lucky day! Be your own Valentine, and you don’t even have to worry if your Valentine will like it or not!

Get a bunch of your single male and female friends and have each of the girls chose out of a hat one of the guys to go out on a “platonic date” with. Split the bill and enjoy spending time with a friend without having to miss out the fun of Valentine’s festivities.

What are the rest of you single (and taken) girls doing this Valentine’s Day? Send us an email at your ideas may make our next article!

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