Situational Music: The Perfect Playlist For Getting High

Suggestion: Press Play After The Jump And Light One Up Before Reading…

Biggie, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Phoenix, The Beatles, Jay Z, MGMT, Beastie Boys, Passion Pit, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, The Who, Lil Wayne…what an odd compilation of artists, right?! Who in there right mind would group these musicians together if they know a solitary iota about music.  This eclectic group of artists that we just spat at you are just a sneak peak when it comes  to what The Campus Socialite’s iPod is banging out everyday.  Always playing the perfect tunes for any situation.  Get pumped for the gym, walk to class, drive your car, have sex, get high or set up a solid pre-game, setting the proper mood with the perfect mix of situational tracks is an absolute must.

So check it out.  Here’s what we got for you;  DJ Campus Socialite will be throwing different situations your direction, painting the picture, and then you get to just press play and let us make the most out of every situation.  By the time DJ Campus Socialite is through with you, you’ll understand why he is the situational music mix master.    Buckle up for Situational Music…. 

THE SITUATION: Picture this- “Who wants to roll up?,” you say in a dull voice as though there was nothing better to do on Sunday.  Everyone looks like death from the night before and the damn house is mess.   You and a couple of your friends are just chillen, watching the T.V. but nothing good is on.  It’s not the old days when you could watch WWF Wrestling Superstars or American Gladiators when you woke up on Sunday.  So you’re sitting there rolling up a nice fatty of that amazing Orange Kush that you had your pledge bring to you last night.  You think to yourself, “I would love an egg sandwich, where is that damn pledge”.  As soon as you finish twisting that L, you then lean over to your Bose iPod Stereo (gotta love Bose) and hit that play button…The song comes on as you spark up that doobie.   Ahhh yes, Cypress Hill’s Hitz From The Bong starts bumping in the background as you look in front of your face and see that cherry flare up and smoke leak out.  Now just lean back,  in that beat up old couch that is being held together with duct tape, with a goofy ass smile on your face as you inhale. Then slowly exhale. Smoke pours out from your mouth and streaming out of your nose like a steam engine.  Snoop Dogg would be impressed with how a straight A student spends his day… Snoochie Boochies.

I Give You The Perfect Music To Smoke Weed To:

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