Crushes are something that everyone has and they start from the early days on the playground. When you were younger and were constantly being made fun of or bothered by someone of the opposite sex, it was probably because they had a crush on you. Being in college, the rules of crushes are completely different. Though you could go up to a girl you like and punch her, I really wouldn’t recommend it.There are many types of crushes so don’t be surprised if you go through this list and find yourself thinking “been there, liked that person.”

The Schoolyard Crush

crush-kidsRemember when you were in elementary school and you would get those butterflies every time a certain someone picked you to be their reading partner? This is the quintessential childhood crush. In college, the same basic idea applies. There’s always that someone who makes you all giggly and excited like a little girl when you see or talk to them – It’s like meeting Justin Bieber. Yeah it’s pathetic but you just can’t help it. Try to avoid throwing your jungle juice all over yourself in excitement when you see said person and you’ll be okay.

The Sex Crush


All you want to do when you see this person is have sex with them. This type of crush is all about physical attraction and has nothing to do with personality. You know the really hot athletes on campus that you see and just want to hook up with right there on the spot? That would be a sex crush. You don’t want to get to know them, you just want to get it in with them – No questions asked. Over and done.

The Crazy Stalker Crush


This is where the line between cute innocent crush and “someone get this person a restraining order” blur. You like this person, and that’s great and all, but I’m sure they would like to go five minutes without getting a text from you or seeing you furiously wave at them from across the street (or nowadays, liking every single Facebook status they make). Your actions make people wonder why they’re friends with you, and then you, in turn, question your own sanity. Don’t be like this girl (pictured above).

The Friend Crush


This crush always comes out of left field. You’re friends with someone for so long and all of a sudden you start seeing them differently. Suddenly, they’re on your mind all the time and you can’t seem to figure out why. It’s a crush, and how you act on it could definitely change your relationship. If you’re not sure you’re ready to make this friendship something more, hold off on the crush and avoid acting any different towards the person…Pretty in pink style.

The Drunk Crush


When you drink, your vision and thoughts tend to slip away. You find yourself drunk texting people to hook up, regardless of whether you actually have legitimate feelings for them or not. Blame it on the alcohol all you want, but if you have a little crush on someone, it becomes overpowering when you’re drunk. You suddenly find yourself thinking this one guy looks like James Franco, so you keep trying to get him to do shots. On a positive note, drunk crushes sometimes can lead to drunk hookups, so before you know it, you could be getting it in with someone you think you like.

The Celebrity Crush


For me it all started when I was five and madly in love with the Green Power Ranger. With every new phase in life, comes a new celebrity crush. From entire boy bands to actors to athletes, I’ve liked them all. You spend hours pinning their posters on your walls. You wait hours in line to get tickets to see them from a distance. As long as there are celebrities, there will be people crushing on them.

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