Skateboard + Spray Paint = Awesome (Video)

spray paint skateboard

Being a 90’s kid, I’ll always have an extra special place in my heart for Skateboard videos. I think back to the times where being able to Ollie 2 feet in the air made me the coolest kid on the block. Then they went out of fashion, my deck broke, I was too broke to buy a new one, the option of skateboarding via video games arose, and the trend pretty much died. But some have stayed true to the age-old sport, and once in a while, an awesome enough Skate video goes viral on the internet. Today is one of those days. These dudes came up with the genius idea to attach a remote controlled spray paint can to the bottom of a board, and used it to decorate an empty swimming pool. The concept is awesome, and the end result is modern are at it’s finest. Check out the video after the jump, and tell me you don’t want to pull your dusty old board out of the attic. I’ll join you.

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