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Growing up in Boston, the parentals raised me on all the local sports teams. No games were played in our house that didn’t feature the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Celtics, or the Patriots. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those teams and I will support them forever, but going to college made me realize something. People outside of Massachusetts like different teams, and worse, those fans of those other teams might just be the guy that I end up with at the end of the night. Now obviously I can’t tell my mother this because she’s always told me that if I ever married a New York Yankees fan, that I might as well move out. Scary but true. Is it possible to date someone that cheers for the rival?

I know that a lot of the time this situation isn’t really a big deal because most people just assume that girls aren’t as heavy into sports as guys anyway.  But let me tell you, watching the Bruins vs. Canadians games this past week brought out the crazy. Sitting there with guys that were rooting for Montreal was probably the biggest turn off. I’m all for supporting your team as I sat there with my Bruins shirt on, but all I ask  for is respect (says the girl who yelled fuck the habs whenever they scored). This is where I really had to think about if I could ever love someone who didn’t love my team.

In college, it’s really easy to figure out who likes what team. You can judge it off of what shirts they wear, what team logo’s are on their walls, and what games they are most freaking out over. This makes it easier when you’re figuring out who you want to hang out with/potentially hook up with. However, when the weekend comes around and the sports shirts aren’t on, it’s hard to distinguish between a Celtics fan and a Lakers fan. If you’re at a party surrounded by people, odds are the question on your mind isn’t does she like the Jets or the Patriots, but rather, will she actually hook up with me.

If you do happen to find someone through all the speech slurring and stumbling of a good Friday night and you go back to their dorm room only to find their walls covered in the regalia of your most hated team, you can do one of two things. If you’re drunk enough so that you don’t care, then you’ll continue to try and get it in. But if you’re a real enough sports fan, you might just have to get off your back, and go home and sleep with your team jersey teddy bear.

The question still remains, is it actually possible to date someone that supports a rival sports team? I think the answer really depends on the will power of the couple. Some guys would actually like that their girl follows sports so much and consider it a turn on. For me, I think it just depends on the person. If I can live in peace knowing you support Montreal over my beloved Bruins, then that means you must be something special. I actually think it might be fun to date someone that likes another team. Not only can you rub it in when your team wins but you actually have something to talk about. Always a good thing.

The only thing that could break such a relationship is playoffs. Nothing worse than sitting next to your boyfriend/girlfriend while watching your team lose and watching them actually smile and cheer. It’s the type of loss that would make said girlfriend/boyfriend not welcome in your bed for the night.

In the end if you have the willpower to do and you actually really like this person, than you’ll suck it up and date them. This works so long as they don’t bring up their team and you don’t do the same and you two might actually work out. Bringing them home to the rents, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

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