Small Changes that Really Make a Difference

By: Ashley-Lynn Goldstein (George Washington University)

It’s the end semester and if you are anything like me (addicted to carbs), you may have fallen into a similar predicament I was in my freshman year. Unfortunately as a college student, sometimes those pesky 6-8 pounds creep up.

The truth is college is the hardest time to keep your weight under control. From the not so healthy food selections, to the long walk it takes to go to the gym, weight gain happens. The trick is learning from your mistakes and making improvements the next semester.

First and most importantly, always remember to count your alcohol in when thinking about your caloric intake for the day. One shot of vodka is 100 calories.  I have learned that it’s best to trade in your high calorie juice and soda mixers for tonic water with the crystal light powder of your choice. This lowers your caloric intake significantly and because it has less sugar wont make you feel as nauseous after the fact as some of those high sugar drinks will.

Keeping low calorie snacks in your room is another smart move. The hardest thing for me was snacking with my friends who didn’t have the same problem I did and could eat whatever they wanted. Now I keep fat free frozen yogurt in my freezer and fat free microwavable popcorn under my bed to whip out when they start munching on pizza and cookies.

Working out is one of the best things you can do to help keep the weight off. Think of your caloric intake like a cup, and the calories water. Only so much water can fit into that cup. When you exercise it increases that cup giving you a little more flexibility with your eating. Since I am always pressed on time I make it a point to hit the gym at least three times a week, doing an intense 30 minutes of cardio. You don’t have to go crazy, if you simply work the hardest you can for 30 minutes you will get more done then if you dilly dally for an hour. (Another tip: Go to the gym alone, not with friends so you can be in and out quickly and don’t get distracted by socializing with your friends).

However, no matter how much weight you may gain or lose throughout your college career it is important to remember that you cannot define yourself by a number. You are the same person you were 10 pounds heavier, or thinner and that person is fabulous. College is a time to have fun, and while it is important to be healthy and make good lifestyle choices you shouldn’t let it run your life. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and as a campus diva its all about confidence. As long as your confident, no matter what the scale says, people will respond to your positively.

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