Sneak Peek: Zak Downtown’s “Rock The Show (ft. Hoodie Allen)”, Plus Pre-Gaming With Pat

I know that was a lot for one headline, so I’ll spell it out for you. Zak Downtown‘s new mixtape “Downtown Delinquents” drops this Thursday, and we’ve got a exclusive track for you guys: “Rock The Show,” featuring Hoodie Allen. The song was also featured in University of Michigan’s own Pre-Gaming With Pat, and you can check out both after the jump.


You can check out Zak Downtown on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter @ZakDowntown, and listen to the rest of his tracks on his SoundCloud.

Rock The Show (feat. Hoodie Allen) by Zak Downtown


Below is “Pre-Gaming with Pat: Finally.” Check out all of his Pre-Gaming with Pat videos at his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter @patstansik, or become a fan on Facebook.


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