Sneaker of the Week: Air Jordan I 60+ Bulls vs. Celtics Package

Few things conjure up fonder memories for the avid sports fan than the old school NBA days.  Whether you are a struggling Knicks fan like myself and pine for the early ‘90s where Reggie Miller and Tim Hardaway came in a close tie for third behind Hitler and Stalin for worst human beings ever to step foot on this Earth or a Bulls fan who took for granted that their team would win a ring ever year Michael was on the court.  Although that classic era has passed us, the folks at Nike have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have more than just videotape to capture the splendor of the NBA’s golden age.  Check out the Air Jordan I 60+ Bulls vs. Celtics Package.

April 20, 1986, considered by many to be the coming out party for the NBA’s single greatest performer – Michael Jordan.  In 1986, 4/20 saw Celtics fans turn green for reasons that had nothing to do with marijuana as MJ, then a second-year phenom, dropped 63 points before a capacity crowd at the Boston Garden.  The Celtics miraculously managed to escape with a victory, but Jordan’s heroics did not go unnoticed as Boston’s own Larry “Legend” Bird was quoted after the game saying that on that day “God dressed as Michael Jordan.”  High praise from a future Hall of Famer, but MJ’s blow up was no fluke as this game would serve as the launching pad for his career and begin to establish him as the face of the NBA.

Nike’s Air Jordan I 60+ Bulls vs. Celtics Package commemorates his Airness’s April ‘86 dream game against the eventual champion Celtics.  The set will run you $310 and comes complete with a black and varsity red Bulls pair as well as black, white, and green Celtics kicks.  These beauties have been released on the heels of an epic six game war between the Bulls and Celts in this past May’s playoffs and are the perfect accessory to mark a rivalry renewed.

Need any further proof that this package is the truth?  Just click play and check out MJ’s classic ’86 scoring outburst to fall in love with retro ball all over again.  Then visit as these Jordan’s are flying off the shelves.


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