Sneaker of the Week: Hyperize Supreme Destro G.I. Joe Pack

When fashion meets cinema, things do not always work out for the best.  Take for instance, the look inspired by Flashdance; just because Jennifer Beals did her freaky naughty running-in-place move while wearing tights and a torn T-shirt, every girl in 1983 looked like they had just come from the gym.  Who can forget the leather trench coat and Oakley sunglasses Matrix uniform?  I’m sorry for reminding you of that atrocity.  Of course, there are some stars of the silver screen that inspire wonderful trends that not only moviegoers, but all of the nation’s citizens are grateful for.  This brings to mind Julia Robert’s stirring portrayal of legal clerk Erin Brokovich, the woman who fought to bring energy monopolies to justice with a little brainpower and a whole lot of cleavage.  Whether it’s tights, sunglasses, or some tightly squeezed together breasts, movies affect style.  Always opportunistic and aware of what’s hot in the design world, Nike is cashing in on one of the summer’s most popular action films, G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, with their Hyperize Supreme Destro G.I. Joe Pack.

These unbelievably one-of-a-kind kicks are named after one of the most diabolical villains in the G.I. Joe series – Destro.  Just like their cutthroat and uncompromising namesake, the Hyperize Supreme Destro’s will let opponents on the blacktop or even just innocent onlookers know that you mean business.  Any G.I. Joe follower knows that wherever Destro and the Cobra Command go, trouble seems to follow and his sneakers are no different as they will have others jealous of your footwear that screams confidence and high-level execution.

Whether you are a sneaker collector or a G.I. Joe fanatic, the Hyperize Supreme Destro G.I. Joe Pack is a must have.  The pair is a real eye-catcher with its metallic silver/white-black-varsity red color scheme and is packaged in a G.I. Joe’s collector’s box just like the one the action figures used to come in.  The Cobra logo on the tongue adds to the sleek, dangerous appearance of the kicks, as Nike spared no expense with these diabolical beauties.  $200 will put the Destros on your feet and is the place to go for Joe.

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