Sneaker of the Week: Nike Hypermax NFW Tennis Ball Pack

Life is full of simple joys.  Some prefer the feel of freshly laundered linen sheets, others prefer the cool breeze of the autumn dusk, me, on the other hand, keep it a little less homoerotic – I’m a sucker for the new tennis ball smell.  For my money it gets no fresher than the distinctive fragrance of a just opened can of Prince Tour Extras.  I have no shame in sharing that I am the proud owner of one of those giant U.S. Open tennis balls and, when in a pinch, will not hesitate to rub it all over my chest when I am out of cologne and am about to head out for the night.  So, as my readers commonly ask themselves, just where am I going with all this balderdash?  Here’s where: just when I didn’t think tennis balls couldn’t be used for anything more than singles, doubles, or just a pleasant aroma, Nike finds a way to market them as a fashion statement.  Osneaker serves up the swoosh brand’s most recent ace with their Hypermax NFW Tennis Ball Pack.

Nike has made a habit out of capitalizing on recent, popular trends that are sweeping the globe.  The Hypermax NFW Tennis Ball Pack is no different as its release goes hand in hand with the culminating rounds of the U.S. Open.  The Open is the most visible of the Grand Slam majors and is more than just an athletic event, it’s a spectacle.  Drawing hundreds of thousands to the gates at Flushing Meadows, NY and with millions more tuning in from home, the U.S. Open is the tennis world’s premier tournament.  The year’s final leg of the Grand Slam features only the most talented competitors and attracts some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces to Arthur Ashe Stadium.  For this reason, Nike’s tennis ball kicks have universal appeal as they draw in both the adamant tennis nut as well as the casual fan that sees A-list talent such as Justin Timberlake, Jack Nicholson, Charlize Theron, and Josh Hartnett in the stands.   

The Hypermax NFL Tennis Ball pack puts the ball in your court with three different color options – neon yellow ($200), varsity royal blue ($130), and comet red ($130).  These wildly vivid sneakers are ideal for any athlete or just the collector looking to make a trend setting statement that screams edginess.  Lock up this footwear now and you’ll be taking down the fashion universe in straight sets.  


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