Sneaker of the Week: Nike SB Dunk Low Will Ferrell

Much like an average sized man participating in an all-midget basketball game, in the land of comedy, Will Ferrell is king.  Just think of the most memorable comedies of our generation and you will be hard-pressed to keep Ferrell from the center of the discussion.  Whether playing the scotch drinking, womanizing Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, meatloaf loving cocksman Chazz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers, or Frank “The Tank” Ricard in Old School, Ferrell always brings the house down with laughter.  Since Nike is in the business of paying homage to icons (see: Jordan, Michael) and Ferrell is a pillar of Hollywood humor, the sneaker giant has recently released the SB Dunk Low Will Ferrell.


Jordan, Woods, Jeter, Armstrong…. Ferrell?  Yes, Nike is paying respect to the funnyman with a sneaker that fits Will to a T.  The SB Dunk Low Ferrell’s are a tribute to Ron Burgundy’s wardrobe with a metallic gold swoosh, suede body, and tacky tie silk tongue.  These kicks are ideal for the collector looking to diversify his closet and branch out from the typical athlete-based sneaker and into the realm of the 6’3” curly-haired entertainer.  Why must we emulate superstars of the hardwood and diamond when we could just as easily lace up a pair of Ferrell’s and crash a funeral or black out during a debate with James Carville on US biotechnology policy?

Released only in a select few Japanese stores, the SB Dunk Low Ferrell’s can be purchased for a whopping 12,500-yen, or roughly $130 dollars.  A price that won’t have you Kicking and Screaming all the way to the bank… oh yeah, count it.  Check out a pair of Nike Ferrell’s at LTD Online.

*Thanks to Jaymie Presberg for bringing this to our attention


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