Sneaker of the Week: Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant PE Player Exclusive Home White

This week’s featured kicks are the stuff sneaker dreams are made of. In honor of his sixth career NBA Finals appearance, OSneaker presents the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant PE Player Exclusive, home white edition. For the average sneaker fan, I would label these in the look but don’t touch category since the price tag alone would probably require the typical college student to donate several vital organs to finance. That being said, we can still look in awe at a spectacular Nike original.


The Black Mamba has been around the NBA long enough to know what a baller sneaker should look like and the design is dead on with his Hyperdunk Exclusives. This pair is so fresh that you really have to think that in Kobe’s case, it just might be the shoes. I don’t care how extensive the items in your sneaker closet are, if you purchase these kicks they are instantly moved to the top of the list.

$2,500 sure can buy you a lot: 50,000 pieces of Bazooka Joe bubble gum, 1,250 Win for Life lottery tickets, or one bottle of house vodka in a New York City club, but none of these purchases are quite as special as Kobe’s authentic sneakers. The only hater of these sneakers that I have come across is Magic guard Mickael Pietrus who will be defending Bryant in the Finals and decided to stop wearing the Hyperdunks for this series. It’s hard to fault Pietrus since there would be nothing worse than getting torched by the very player whose hi-tops you’re sporting. In any case, whether your pulling for Orlando or Los Angeles in the Finals, everybody wins with these rare kicks from OSneaker.

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