By: Emily Nassi (University of Delaware)

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I’m not a fashion person. I wear some rendition of shorts and a tank top in the summer, jeans and a t-shirt in the fall, and jeans and a sweatshirt in the winter most days a week. So I would never think about writing a fashion column or blog.

However, more and more I have noticed athletes creating their own fashion lines. A big part of these lines are sneakers and shoes, of course. Basketball players have been doing this for years (I’m sure yourself or someone you know has owned a pair of Air Jordans), but now even a swimmer has gone and designed his own shoes, which has inspired this whole blog.

I’m not sure where this correlation really comes from other than the fact that athletes wear clothes (which is true for most human beings) but since they’ve taken it upon themselves to do so, I as a sportswriter will take it upon myself to review some of the sneakers and shoes that athletes have produced over the years. I will also let you know if I’d be caught dead in their product. I picked five shoes from somewhat relevant sports stars.

The Air Jordan

(Not exactly created but designed for and endorsed) by Michael Jordan

Circa 1985, these are basketball sneakers that have about a billion other designs according to Wikipedia. Very popular in my elementary school years for boys, if I can remember correctly.

Would I wear them? Probably not. I don’t play basketball and I’m female. I can’t deny their popularity though.

Serena Williams’ sneakers

Together with Nike, she produced these for women in 2006. These look like a typical Nike sneaker with a fancier design and some nice pastel colors.

Would I wear them? Let’s just say I see why Nike isn’t putting these on shelves anymore.

Shaun White’s Skate Shoes

Look like every other skate shoe I have ever seen before, except cheaper since they are sold in Target stores. No female styles. Probably a hit with the younger crowd (and by younger crowd, I mean 12 year old boys).

Would I wear them? Take a guess.

Livestrong sneakers

Lance Armstrong/Nike

Nike has created a line of running shoes for both men and women inspired by Lance Armstrong and Livestrong. A functional sneaker that isn’t so sport or gender specific, and they’re from Nike so they’re probably a pretty good shoe to invest in.

Would I wear them? I run a good amount so I’d be willing to give these a try. I love my Asics, but these shoes match the colors of my old swim team which I like. Plus, I believe Nike donates money to the Livestrong foundation which is alwaysa good incentive.

Ryan Lochte in conjunction with Speedo

Yes, Lochte designed these brilliant green rhinestone shoes especially for himself and his two minute walks to the pool deck before big races. It’s not too surprising these look like they do coming from a guy who wore a diamond encrusted grill up to the medal podium at the World Championships multiple times. These high tops say “jeah,” his catchphrase, on the back, have green satin shoelaces. They also say “Ryan” on one sole, and “Lochte” on the other.

Would I wear them? Lochte designed these for himself, not mass production, so even if I wanted them, I couldn’t buy them. Still, I might get these for kicks (no pun intended). He is producing flip flops for men and women as well though for the mere price tag of 20 bucks. I have my order set and ready to go.

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